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Kashmir Hill
Kashmir Hill

The New York Times

Losing Face: The Privacy Challenges as Facial Recognition Goes Mainstream


Kashmir Hill is a technology reporter at The New York Times who has been writing about privacy for a decade. She will discuss the ethics of building facial recognition databases that use the faces of people who have not consented to taking part. That may include you.


Kashmir joined The New York Times in 2019, after having worked as an investigative reporter at Gizmodo Media Group and as a writer and editor at Fusion, Forbes Magazine, and Above the Law. Her writing has appeared in The New Yorker and The Washington Post. In 2018, she gave a TED talk—"What your smart devices know (and share) about you"—in which she described what happened when she transformed her apartment into a smart home and monitored the data being sent out of it. She has degrees from Duke University and New York University, where she studied journalism.

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