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Digital Life Seminar

Date: 2024 Spring Semester

When: Thursdays, 1:25 - 2.40pm ET. Due to limited space, all guests outside of Cornell Tech are asked to please RSVP beforehand.     

Where: Cornell Tech's Tata Innovation Center, Room 151

Contact: mjb556@cornell.edu

Convenors: Helen Nissenbaum and Michael Byrne

About: The Digital Life Seminar series offers students and guests an opportunity to engage actively with leading scholars and practitioners researching and responding to the development and application of digital technologies.

DLI Seminars | Spring 2024  

Jake Goldenfein

Jake Goldenfein

Melbourne Law School

Untangling the Loop – Four Legal Approaches to Human Oversight

As automation and AI re-organise social, political, and economic life, law’s reflex is often towards the human. By ensuring automation is “human-centred” and subject to “human oversight”, the hope is that automation’s economic promises can be safely realised. Despite the intuitive appeal, analysts have started documenting the empirical failure of human oversight to improve decision quality. But this creates a conundrum. There may be little scientific evidence supporting legal human oversight requirements, but abdicating human agency in automated decision processes is ethically and politically unfeasible.

David Gray Widder

David Gray Widder

Cornell Tech

Ethical AI is About Power: More FAT* Algorithms, AI Openness, or ‘Objective’ Evidence Will Not Save Us

David Gray Widder (he/him) studies how people creating “Artificial Intelligence” systems think about the downstream harms their systems make possible, and the wider cultural, political, and economic logics which shape these thoughts. He is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Digital Life Initiative at Cornell Tech, and earned his PhD from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. He has previously conducted research at Intel Labs, Microsoft Research, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and published in FAccT, CHI, CSCW, and Big Data & Society.

Aleksandra Korolova

Aleksandra Korolova

Princeton University

DLI Seminar No. 12

Aleksandra Korolova has just joined Princeton's Department of Computer Science and Princeton's School of Public and International Affairs as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Public Affairs. She is also excited to be part of Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy. Aleksandra studies the societal impacts of algorithms and machine learning, and develop and deploy algorithms and technologies that enable data-driven innovations while preserving privacy and fairness.


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