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Digital Life Seminar

Date Every Thursday | 2020 Spring Semester

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Time 12:30 - 1:50 pm

Convenors Helen Nissenbaum, Jessie Taft and Michael Byrne

The public Digital Life seminar series offers students and guests an opportunity to engage with leading scholars and practitioners researching and responding to the development and application of digital technologies.

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Cornell Tech Campus COVID-19 Operating Status: Cornell Tech classes have transitioned to online instruction. The Digital Life Seminar will be streamed at the regularly scheduled time via this Zoom link >. We ask that you keep your microphone muted when joining. 

Upcoming Seminars

Improving the Privacy and Safety for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Diana Freed

Cornell Tech

Diana will present her research on technology-mediated abuse in IPV, threat models, and recent work from Cornell Tech's Intimate Partner Violence clinic.

Privacy/Disaster: When Information Flows Are Taken Out of Context

Madelyn R. Sanfilippo & Yan Shvartzshnaider

Princeton University | New York University

Privacy is contextual. Everyday, we manage different contexts and adjust our privacy expectations accordingly. The theory of Contextual Integrity offers a way to capture contextual norms and a heuristic to analyze privacy. This analysis is especially helpful to detect situations in which the system designers take advantage of well-established, contextual privacy expectations, to encourage user disclosures without adhering to governing norms. For example, imagine an app that is marked to you as a patient/doctor communication tool in a medical context, yet it is actually an insurance company trying to get more information on you.

Deepfakes and Adversarial Examples: Fooling Humans and Machines

Omid Poursaeed

Cornell Tech

Omid is a PhD candidate at Cornell Tech working with Professor Serge Belongie. His research interests include Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Generative Models. He studies vulnerabilities of machine learning models in order to make them more robust and less dependent on (private) user data. As a Doctoral Fellow at DLI, he will explore learning models that are both accurate and resilient to various types of adversarial attacks. Omid is also a recipient of Jacobs Fellowship from Cornell University.

When the Software Rubber Hits the Mechanical Road: Regulating the Repair and Modification of the Modern Car

MC Forelle

Cornell Tech

What happens when two different technologies, historically governed by different regulatory regimes, are combined into a single, hybrid, consumer device?


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