Digital Life Seminar

Date: 2021 Spring Semester

New Time: Thursdays, 12.00 - 1.15pm (ET)*

Virtual Venue: Zoom Link >

Convenors: Helen Nissenbaum and Michael Byrne

The public Digital Life seminar series offers students and guests an opportunity to engage actively with leading scholars and practitioners researching and responding to the development and application of digital technologies.

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Salomé Viljoen

Cornell Tech | NYU

The Great Regulatory Dodge

This talk will feature some preliminary thoughts regarding how the current regulatory paradigm in privacy law enables digital technology companies to “dodge” privacy regulations with which other companies offering similar services must comply, and exploring how this “dodge” results in unfair rules for companies and undermines privacy protection for people. Analyzing how the current privacy regime facilitates the dodge is important for diagnosing the shortcomings of existing laws, for revealing harmful effects on individuals and social institutions, and for developing effective alternatives. Such diagnosis gains urgency in light of the growing scholarly and policymaker consensus around privacy law reform.

Amy Zhang

Cornell Tech

No. 10 | Digital Life Seminar

Amy is a PhD Candidate in Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE) at Cornell Tech, working with Prof. Itai Gurvich on approximate control optimization in an evolving system. Her research focuses on approximating large systems by a small number of clusters in settings that can be modeled as Markov Decision Processes (MDP).

Andre Esteva

Medical AI, Salesforce Research

No. 11 | Digital Life Seminar

Andre Esteva is a researcher and entrepreneur in deep learning and computer vision. He currently serves as Head of Medical AI at Salesforce Research. Notably, he has led research efforts in AI-enabled medical diagnostics, and therapeutic decision making. For instance, his work has shown that computer vision algorithms can match and exceed the performance of top physicians at diagnosing cancers from medical imagery.

Meg Young

Cornell Tech

No. 12 | Digital Life Seminar

Meg Young is a newly appointed Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell Tech's Digital Life Initiative. Her work applies ethnographic and design methods to understand government use of information technologies on-the-ground, with a focus on how to make proprietary systems more accountable to the public. Her current project examines government procurement of automated decision systems.


COVID-19 Operating Status | The Digital Life Seminar will continue with online instruction for Spring 2021, and warmly welcomes all attendees to join us at the following time slot: Thursdays (12.00 - 1.15pm) via Zoom. 

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