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Digital Life Seminar

Date Every Thursday | 2020 Spring Semester

Venue Bloomberg Center 165 | Cornell Tech Campus | Roosevelt Island

Time 12:30 - 1:50 pm

Convenors Helen Nissenbaum, Jessie Taft and Michael Byrne

Held at the Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island, our public Digital Life seminar series offers students and guests an opportunity to engage with leading scholars and practitioners researching and responding to the development and application of digital technologies. All visitors are encouraged to RSVP before attending the seminar in order to expedite their arrival on campus. We look forward to seeing you!

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Upcoming Seminars

Losing Face: The Privacy Challenges as Facial Recognition Goes Mainstream

Kashmir Hill

The New York Times

Hill will discuss the ethics of building facial recognition databases that use the faces of people who have not consented to taking part.

Human and Algorithmic Decisions and Biases

Michael Sobolev

Cornell Tech

Michael Sobolev is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell Tech and Northwell Health in behavioral science and health tech.

When a Small Change Makes a Big Difference

Tal Zarsky

University of Haifa

A growing body of scholarship is addressing the risks of opaque analyses as well as the fear of hidden biases and discrimination that may come along with automated decision-making.

Evaluating Privacy Preserving Techniques in Machine Learning

Eugene Bagdasaryan

Cornell Tech

Modern applications frequently require access to sensitive data, such as facial images, typing history, or health records, thereby increasing the need for expressive privacy protection.

Facebook's Oversight Board

Kate Klonick

St. John's University Law School

Kate Klonick is an Assistant Professor at St. John's University Law School and an Affiliate Fellow at Yale Law School’s Information Society Project.

Fairness & Interpretability in Machine Learning and the Dangers of Solutionism

Zachary Chase Lipton

Carnegie Mellon University

Supervised learning algorithms are increasingly operationalized in real-world decision-making systems. Unfortunately, the nature and desiderata of real-world tasks rarely fit neatly into the supervised learning contract.

Recommender Systems with Users in the Loop

Hongyi Wen

Cornell Tech

Recommender systems have come to serve as the “homepage” for users to access informational items such videos, music, books, etc.

United States v Apple: Competition in America

Chris Sagers

Cleveland State University

United States v. Apple: Competition in America examines the misunderstandings and exaggerations that firms have raised throughout antitrust history to justify collusion and monopoly.

Machines Judging Humans: The Promise and Perils of Formalizing Evaluative Criteria

Frank Pasquale

University of Maryland

Over the past decade, algorithmic accountability has become an important concern for social scientists, computer scientists, journalists, and lawyers.

Improving the Privacy and Safety for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Diana Freed

Cornell Tech

Diana will present her research on technology-mediated abuse in IPV, threat models, and recent work from Cornell Tech's Intimate Partner Violence clinic.


Shafi Goldwasser

UC Berkeley

Shafi Goldwasser is the Director of the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing, and a professor of computer science at UC Berkeley.


Digital Life Seminar

Cornell Tech

The Digital Life seminar series offers students and guests an opportunity to engage with leading scholars and practitioners researching and responding to the development and application of digital technologies.

When the Software Rubber Hits the Mechanical Road: Regulating the Repair and Modification of the Modern Car

MC Forelle

Cornell Tech

What happens when two different technologies, historically governed by different regulatory regimes, are combined into a single, hybrid, consumer device?

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