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Cornell Tech’s Digital Life Initiative is excited to announce that it is now recruiting for a newly created Fellowship in Technology Law and Policy. The Tech Law Fellow will augment DLI’s research and educational mission, examining digital life through the lens of ethics, politics, and quality of life. 
With guidance from DLI Director Helen Nissenbaum and Professor James Grimmelmann, the Tech Law Fellow will actively develop and pursue timely legal and policy responses to impending controversies and key decisions arising from the development and deployment of digital technologies. The Tech Law Fellow will work alongside and complement an outstanding, multidisciplinary community of DLI Postdoctoral Fellows, Doctoral Fellows, Visitors, and Faculty. Although academic publication is an element of this position, the primary responsibility will be to pursue legal and policy approaches to urgent topics including but not limited to privacy and surveillance, platform governance, transparency, content moderation, algorithmic discrimination, digital political economy, network regulation, and security.
For more about the position, including how to apply and deadline, read here >

DLI Postdoctoral Fellows

The DLI's postdoctoral fellows focus on key ethical and political issues surrounding society and digital technology, such as privacy, accountability, access, security, and fairness. They come from a range of disciplines including computer and information sciences, law, philosophy, data science, media studies, public policy, and social science whose work is concerned with ethics, politics, and quality of life. Applications for the 2020-2021 cohort are currently closed.

DLI Industry Affiliates Program

The Digital Life Initiative’s (DLI) scholarship and influence thrives off strong engagement with industry partners. Leaders from industry, academia, nonprofit and government look to DLI for guidance on issues ranging from privacy and cybersecurity to AI ethics. We invite organizations from any field to join us as DLI Affiliates, supporting our mission to shape the future of digital societies by caring about its deep impacts on ethical and political values and the quality of life. Affiliation with DLI signals:


  •  Commitment to ethics

  •  Connection with leading experts

  •  Centrality of research

For more information, contact Laura Batten (laura.batten@cornell.edu)

DLI Visiting Fellows

The DLI is now inviting applications from visitors to join our growing community of scholars, researchers, practitioners and innovators in exploring ethics, policy, politics and quality of life within prevailing socio-technical systems.

DLI can accommodate visits of variable length, and welcomes applicants (on a rolling basis) from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, including: 

Faculty members and industry professionals on leave (e.g., sabbatical), government employees, journalists, law graduates, ABDs with work experience in related fields, and ​recent Ph.D. graduates specializing in computer and information science, data science, social science, philosophy, media studies, and public policy.

Interested applicants are invited to submit (i) a short paragraph outlining their intended research and its alignment to DLI, (ii) a recent CV, and (iii) the approximate dates for their intended visit to Jessie Taft, with the subject line ‘DLI Visiting Fellowships’ included. 

Visiting Fellows are selected based on general fit with the DLI's goals, and on shared interest with DLI and Cornell Tech community members. Please note that fellowships are self-funded; this is not a paid position. International applications are welcome, but Cornell Tech is not able to sponsor visas for these fellowships.

Fostering mutual learning and interdisciplinary exchange, the Digital Life Initiative at Cornell Tech was launched in 2017 to focus on ethical, political, policy and quality of life issues relating to digital and information systems. For more information about our current class of talented students, visit here

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Other Opportunities

The Technology and Human Rights Fellowship is part of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy’s project to examine how technological advances over the next several decades will affect the future of human life, as well as the protections provided by the human rights framework. The project invites applications from individuals to affiliate with the Center for one academic year to conduct research on the ethical and rights implications of technological advancements in general, and artificial intelligence in particular. More information > 

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