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Information Science Colloquium Talk | Critical Race Theory and HCI


Date October 08, 2020

Time 4.00 - 5.00pm ET

Virtual venue Join via Zoom >

Speakers Finda Ogbonnaya-Ogburu with Angela Smith, Alexandra To, and Kentaro Toyama

Note: Participants from Cornell University / Cornell Tech have the additional option to join the Colloquium as video participants. Complete the RSVP form for that: https://forms.gle/tB7o4gPaSv2F61437  Video participants will receive a separate invitation link to the talk prior to the colloquium, which allows them to participate with audio and video in the Q&A sessions following the talk.  

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Previous DLI Events 

Date 2017-2020

Venue Cornell Tech | Roosevelt Island


For more information on our previous list of dynamic speakers and guests visit here >


Date Friday 13 March,  2020

Venue Cornell Tech


This single day event will bring together experts from engineering, policy, and industry to discuss the social implications of autonomous transport from different perspectives. We plan to explore questions such as: 


  • How different vehicle deployments change how human occupants are identified and defined, and how that may affect questions of privacy and autonomy.

  • How different business models like passenger ride-sharing, fleet management, or private vehicle ownership require different technological configurations, and what they require in terms of data flows and public accountability. 

  • How different vehicle systems require changes to public space or re-instrumenting of roadways, and who has the power to determine the shape of those new urban environments.

  • How business decisions, and the technologies required to implement them, interact with broader policy questions around public life, the environment, and international geopolitics. More info >


Date September 28-29 | 2018 

Venue Cornell Tech | Roosevelt Island


Algorithmic oversight is one of the defining policy problems of our age. Two dimensions of the problem are well appreciated: scale and complexity. But there is a third and equally important dimension, one that has gone comparatively unnoticed: speed. The characteristic time-scales of human decision-making range from years (for democratic deliberations) to a few hundred milliseconds (for instinctual reactions). But software is capable of making decisions far faster: in a matter of microseconds. This mismatch poses serious technical challenges and even deeper ones for managing and responding to algorithmic actions.
Six topical panels will cover warfare, financial markets, labor and manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, information security, and content moderation. Participants will discuss current, forthcoming, and potential changes in algorithmic speed in their respective domains and techniques for avoiding, detecting, mitigating, and responding to speed-abetted algorithmic mistakes and abuses. 
More info >

Speed 2018 is generously supported with a gift from Microsoft Corporation.


Date August 19 - 20 | 2019

Venue UC Berkeley

Co-hosts International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley and the Digital Life Initiative, Cornell Tech


Following a successful inaugural Contextual Integrity Symposium in Fall 2018 at Princeton University, a second 2-day event was hosted at UC Berkeley to encourage interdisciplinary discussions to explore the applications and implications of CI. More info >


Date September 13-14 | 2018

Venue Princeton University

Co-sponsors Center for Information Technology Policy, Princeton University and the Digital Life Initiative, Cornell Tech


The aim of the first Contextual Integrity Symposium was to foster communication among diverse communities of research and practice that have used the theory of contextual integrity as a framework to reason about, design and evaluate, craft regulation for, and generate formal logics for privacy. After the success of a half-day meeting in Fall 2017, Symposium organizers were excited to follow up with a more comprehensive event to foster discussion across a broader spectrum of disciplines. More info >

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Digital Life Seminar (Online)

Date Every Thursday | Spring Semester, 2021

Time 12.00 - 1.15pm


In the face of such challenging times, the DLI Seminar will continue to stream throughout Spring 2021. For more information on our line-up of dynamic speakers visit here, or catch-up on previous seminars via DLI's Media Channel. 


3rd Workshop on Obfuscation (Online) | Registration Open

Date May 4 & 7, 2021


The aim of the workshop is to convene participants around the concept and practice of obfuscation in digital societies. We welcome researchers, scientists, policy makers, public-interest developers and coders, journalists, activists, artists and other interested parties to discuss obfuscation in environments and conditions of asymmetrical power and information. More info >