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Maurice Jakesch

Maurice Jakesch

Doctoral Fellow


Maurice is a doctoral student at Cornell & Cornell Tech where he works in the Social Technologies Group. He designs and study systems that enable interpersonal trust in mediated spaces. Inviting a stranger to stay at your place or relying on remote medical advice is not possible without certain assurances and guarantees. While digital systems such as Airbnb have introduced new ways how trust can be established, they lack many natural trust affordances of offline interactions. He draws on user research, communication, and computer science to understand how systems can make the best of both worlds. Prior to joining Cornell, Maurice studied electrical engineering, entrepreneurial management and philosophy at ETH Zurich, TU Munich and Hong Kong UST. He has received fellowships and awards from The German National Academic Foundation, the Elite Network of Bavaria, and the German Physical Society. As a Doctoral Fellow for 2018/19 at DLI, he wants to analyze how the trust dynamics arising from digital technologies relate to larger societal developments.

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