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Jake Goldenfein

Jake Goldenfein

Research Fellow

2018 - 2020

Jake Goldenfein is a law and technology scholar interested in the emerging structures of governance in computational society. He completed a PhD at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne, and has been a lecturer at Swinburne Law School since 2016. His research addresses: surveillance, automation and identity; law in cyber-physical systems; platform law and governance; the role of standards in law-making; distributed ledgers and intellectual property; media history and theory; and legal theory in the context of mega-computation.

Jake is also a board member of the Australian Privacy Foundation and is admitted to practice law in the Supreme Court of Victoria. Recent and forthcoming publications explore the role of computer vision in profiling, the relationship between platforms and jurisdictions, and the historical influence of Dynamic Random Access Memory on the development of copyright. His upcoming book, Monitoring Laws: Surveillance, Automation and Information Law, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2019.

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