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Ero Balsa

Ero Balsa

DLI Postdoctoral Fellow

Ero Balsa is a postdoctoral research fellow at Cornell Tech's Digital Life Initiative. He is interested in how the designs of information systems impact society, mainly in terms of privacy and fairness, and in how to redesign or intervene these systems to address the problems they create. His work examines the design and analysis of privacy enhancing technologies and, in particular, technologies that enable users to contest asymmetries of power and knowledge, such as obfuscation tools and protective optimization technologies (POTs). His research focuses on the critical analysis of the assumptions that underlie obfuscation technologies, the operationalization of privacy requirements, and the systematization of privacy engineering practice. He is also keenly interested in the interplay between technology, law, and policy. Ero previously completed his PhD at the University of Leuven (Belgium) and obtained an MSc in telecommunication engineering at the University of Vigo (Spain).

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