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Marianne Aubin Le Quere

Marianne Aubin Le Quere

DLI Doctoral Fellow

Marianne is an Information Science PhD student at Cornell University. She is interested in news metrics and engagement, particularly in the context of local news ecosystems. She is a part of the Cornell Social Technologies Lab and am advised by Mor Naaman. Her work broadly fits in the realm of computational social science and human-computer interaction.

In the past, Marianne worked on Human-Computer Interaction projects in Systems and Crowdsourcing with Jeff Huang at Brown University HCI Lab and John Froehlich at the University of Washington. She also spent a year building robots for children with Ian Gonsher at the Humanity-Centered Research Initiative.

Previously, she was a Product Manager at Microsoft, and had a brief stint as a Master’s student at the University of Washington. Marianne graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and Non-Fiction from Brown University in ’17.

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