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Fabian Okeke
Fabian Okeke

Cornell Tech

Privacy and Equity in Developing Countries


Many communities in developing countries lack health facilities, doctors and nurses to care for them. It is common to find one hospital serving several villages in a 50-mile radius. To combat this problem, communities informally train selected members as health workers who serve as extensions of health facilities to, for example, diagnose and treat pregnant women and sick children. Although previous research has studied the relevance of providing feedback to these health workers, there has been little work on collecting feedback from care recipients, who are arguably the most important stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. Fabian's ongoing research attempts to bridge this gap. In his talk, he will discuss work in progress on the real-world challenges that emerge in the design of a beneficiary feedback system for systematically collecting feedback at scale across communities. He will share insights from his preliminary fieldwork in Kenya and uncover ongoing tension in balancing privacy and equity when designing feedback systems for low-resource contexts.


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