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Hauke Sandhaus & Ian René Solano-Kamaiko
Hauke Sandhaus & Ian René Solano-Kamaiko

Cornell Tech

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Explorable Explainable AI: Improving AI Understanding for Community Health Workers in India


More info coming soon!


Hauke Sandhaus is a PhD student in Information Science at Cornell Tech, currently researching wicked design problems in Human-AI-Interaction to create an ethical future of automation. Advised by assistant professor Qian Yang and co-advised by associate professor Wendy Ju, Hauke's methods address Design at the Policy and Tech level simultaneously.

Prior to his PhD studies, Hauke worked as a UX Design-Technologist at the Volkswagen Group Future Center in Potsdam, Germany. He built both fully functional prototypes and semi-functional WOZ experiences to explore the requirements necessary to achieve 'Mobility for All,' in the design of fully autonomous vehicles.

Hauke has a diverse set of skills, including team leadership, UX design, coding, user research, and hardware prototyping. He holds a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Bauhaus Universität Weimar (Germany) and a Bachelor's degree in Creative Technology from Universiteit Twente (Netherlands), where he graduated with honors and cum laude respectively.

Ian René Solano-Kamaiko is a Ph.D. student in the School of Computing and Information Science at Cornell Tech where he is co-advised by Dr. Nicola Dell and Dr. Aditya Vashistha. His research is focused on building and evaluating computing technologies that aim to improve the lives of marginalized and underserved populations. In particular, he is interested in community and in-home healthcare, mental health, climate resilience, and responsible artificial intelligence.

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