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Nicki Dell, Tom Ristenpart, & Karen Levy
Nicki Dell, Tom Ristenpart, & Karen Levy

Cornell Tech | Cornell University

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Digital Safety and Security for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence



Nicki Dell is an assistant professor focused on Human-Computer Interaction and Information and Communication Technologies for Development, with a focus on designing, building, and evaluating novel computing systems that improve the lives of underserved populations in low-income regions.

Karen Levy is an assistant professor with expertise in law, sociology, and information science. She researches how law and technology interact to regulate social life, with particular focus on social and organizational aspects of surveillance. She is also interested in how data collection uniquely impacts, and is contested by, marginalized populations.

Thomas Ristenpart is an associate professor in computer science. His research spans a wide range of computer security topics, with recent focuses including digital privacy and safety in intimate partner violence, new threats to, and improved opportunities for, cloud computing security, confidentiality and privacy in machine learning, and topics in applied and theoretical cryptography.

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