Robin Berjon & Ido Sivan-Sevilla

New York Times | Cornell Tech



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Digital Life Seminar | No. 11


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Robin Berjon is an expert in Web technology with almost two decades’ worth of experience in both Web development and driving standardisation efforts, notably within W3C. He is in charge of data governance at the New York Times. He lives in Brooklyn, USA with his wife Irène, his daughters Ashley and Thelma, and a lovingly pea-brained black cat called Billie. He has a fondness for ranting and rambling, especially in writing, but generally starts to feel self-conscious after writing a few sentences about himself in the third person.

Ido Sivan-Sevilla is a public policy scholar and postdoctoral fellow at Cornell Tech’s Digital Life Initiative (DLI). He is interested in policy design and policy compliance of governance arrangements for our data capitalist society, focusing on cybersecurity, privacy, inequality, manipulation, and discrimination problems. In his postdoc projects, Ido utilizes his technological background to empirically investigate the online advertising industry, the FinTech lending infrastructure, the cyber insurance ecosystem, and data management practices by commercial organizations.



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