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Samar Sabie

Samar Sabie

DLI Doctoral Fellow

I am a fourth year Information Science PhD student at Cornell Tech minoring in Science and Technology Studies (STS). Given the conflictual nature of coexistence in multicultural societies, my dissertation investigates two questions: 1) what role can design play as a social practice in nurturing a culture of listening and impactful confrontation across different urban settings? And 2) how can technology provide an arena where differences within a community are confronted? These questions emerged as a result of working with the spatial politics of intercultural, interclass, and intergenerational differences in participatory design contexts on Roosevelt Island. They are also influenced by my own journey as a female Muslim scholar attempting to reconcile her identity with salient liberal ethos in the West. I hold a B.Sc with a double major in Architecture and Computer Science, a Master of Architecture (MArch), and an MSc in Computer Science, all from the University of Toronto. Before coming to Cornell, I spent five year studying, analyzing, and documenting shelter and technology conditions in refugee and IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps in Iraq. Currently, I combine designing and making with ethnography, critical theory, and pedagogy development to converge what I discover about the world with how I want to impact it. Through the DLI fellowship program, I look forward to cementing my interests with rigorous scholarship around digital technologies and theories of fairness, democracy, and representation.

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