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Dan Adler

Dan Adler

DLI Doctoral Fellow

I'm Dan, a PhD Candidate in Information Science at Cornell University and DLI Doctoral Fellow, based at Cornell Tech in NYC. I work with Dr. Tanzeem Choudhury, and am a member of the People-Aware Computing Lab.There's been a ton of research over the past decade to identify AI-generated digital biomarkers to measure symptoms of mental illness. My research focuses on if these AI-generated digital biomarkers are reliable in practice. I conduct quantitative modeling work to improve the reliability of mental health digital biomarkers, as well as qualitative work to identify use cases when digital biomarkers may prove unreliable. If you're a music junky in NYC, hmu to go to a live show! You can catch me hiking/biking on weekends, or debating NYC's best pizza slice and ice cream shops.

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