Doctoral Fellows

Fostering mutual learning and interdisciplinary exchange, the DLI Doctoral Fellowship Program engages PhD students in systematic inquiry into ethical and political implications of digital technologies. Such inquiry centers on issues – e.g. fairness, privacy, and accountability – that concern existing and emergent digital technologies. Fellows will focus on societal issues relating to the technical projects in which they are immersed, and the intellectual approaches needed for tackling them in an informed and rigorous manner. They will participate actively in the weekly Digital Life Seminar, comprising a series of multidisciplinary presentations from guest speakers at the vanguard of socio-technical critique and investigation. The seminar will also offer a supportive platform for Fellows to present their own works-in-progress, or the breakthrough research of others. 

For the 2020-21 academic year, we are excited to introduce the talented PhD students joining our community of technologists, humanists, social scientists and legal scholars (see below). DLI's Doctoral Fellowship program is co-sponsored with gifts from Facebook and SAP.  

Class of 2020-21

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Samar Sabie