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 DLI | Digital Life Initiative  

We explore societal perspectives surrounding the development and application of digital technology, focusing on ethics, policypolitics, and quality of life.

> Digital Life Seminar | Every Thursday

Join us for our public Digital Life Seminar series on most Thursdays during the Spring 2020 semester. For more info, view our upcoming Schedule or visit our Reflections page.

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Fellowship Applications 

We're hiring Postdoctoral Fellows! Learn more and apply here > 

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Facebook Fellowships

Congratulations to DLI Doctoral Fellows, Diana Freed (2019-2020) and Nirvan Tyagi (2018-2019) for earning 2020 Facebook Fellowships. They were among 36 selected (plus three other Cornellians) from a pool of 1800 applicants. We are very proud! More Info > 

New Book

DLI is very excited to announce that Postdoctoral Fellow Jake Goldenfein has released Monitoring Laws: Profiling and Identity in the World State with Cambridge University Press. This dynamic book traces the history of government profiling from the invention of photography through to emerging applications of computer vision for personality and behavioral analysis. Book info >

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Embedded within the progressive teaching mission of Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island, the Digital Life Initiative (DLI) was launched in 2017 to analyze the societal tensions arising from existing and emergent digital technologies. Inspired by the core values of justice, democracy, privacy, responsibility, security, and freedom, we support collaborative research projects that explore ethics, policy, politics and quality of life within prevailing socio-technical systems. See below to gain greater insight into the breadth of our research, our visiting fellowships and postdoctoral opportunities, our weekly Digital Life seminar series, and the unique collective of scholars, practitioners and innovators that constitute the DLI Team. 

About Us

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Domain Interests

>   Privacy and digital technologies 

>   AI, automated decision-systems and machine learning

>   Big data, big platforms, private enclosure of public data

>   Media, polarization, civility, fragmentation, content filtering, automated reputation systems

 Social networks

 Labour, workplace, robotics

>   Warfare, automated weapons systems, cyber warfare

>   Digital health and well-being

 Ethics and immersive technologies



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